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Jadwiga R.

I established contact with NUFO DESIGN through my relatives for whom Małgorzata Romanowska (as a recommended designer as well) created 2 designs for the reconstruction and interior of newly built apartments.

I had the opportunity to see the outcomes of both designs myself during family visits and what matched my taste in both cases was Designer’s architectural imagination, as she perfectly managed to adapt living space to everyday needs of the family, together with her artistic taste, combining the elegance, modern character as well as investor’s personalized requirements.

In both cases mentioned above the designs were prepared for newly built apartments of a relatively big floor space / 80 and 116 m2/.

When it comes to my project, I contacted Małgorzata in connection with complete reconstruction of a studio consisting of a room, a kitchen and a bathroom, with total floor space of 40 m2, in an old pre-war building.

On the abovementioned space we gained 2 rooms – an independent 15m2 living room, separated with sliding door from a very functional 8m2 kitchenette, a very functional separate bedroom of ca. 9m2 located in place of former kitchen – as well as a small, but lovely bathroom, with space provided for all necessary appliances, including a washing machine; in addition, it’s full of elegantly built-in closets and drawers. What is more, some space was found in the tiny hall to fit there a 60 cm wide wall wardrobe for thicker winter clothing and footwear, together with a spacious closet above it.

Małgorzata Romanowska carried out the inventory of the initial condition of the flat, helped us in contacting renovation workers, authorities responsible for issuing construction-related decisions concerning the demolition of wall fragments, modifying gas installation, verifying the condition of ventilation, performing complete replacement of floor covering, including new screed coating. She also provided us with complete equipment suggestions – such as tile types /together with contact details of their manufacturers/, paint colors, all furniture types as well as its initial arrangement ideas, calculation of the quantity and type of kitchen cupboards /they cover the entire 4 m long and ca. 3 m high wall/, designs for the entire tailor-made bathroom furniture and contact details of the glazing company, contact details to the company performing sliding doors structures as well as to the company performing door systems, molding and stucco elements types, window curtains. In brief, she was suggesting the most coherent and appropriate solutions, reserving for me the right to make individual final decisions on the price of equipment and its supplier.

Such a comprehensive service is a perfect solution for those who live a busy professional life /as I do/ and all those who would like to have a perfect interior designed.

In our case we wanted to include in the design our own preferences as well as the most attractive arrangement of the flat for the purposes of its potential lease.

Both goals have been achieved.

I would like to highly recommend NUFO DESIGN, even if we have to be aware of additional investment costs. However, when we succeed, the costs are easily forgotten and what remains is the satisfaction from a beautiful project.

Jadwiga R., Warsaw

Equitin Partners

Dear Sir or Madam,

Nufo Design performed the logo design and the elements of corporate identity for Equitin Partners. Within the scope of our cooperation, the studio presented a series of various design approaches which enabled us to choose the most appropriate ones.

Professionalism, timely performance of tasks as well as creative approach to a given topic constitute the advantages of cooperation with Nufo Design.

We are pleased with the results and we can recommend corporate identity services provided by Nufo Design.

Yours faithfully,

Piotr Kulikowski
Partner Equitin Partners Letter


I asked the Company to create the concept for the combination and reconstruction of two apartments together with the creation of separate bedroom area with a dressing room and additional bathroom. The project consisted also in preparing detailed and complex design for two bathrooms (including the choice of materials, bathroom equipment, furniture design, etc.), designing and arranging furniture in the living room and in the hall, elaborating color scheme and selecting materials (floors, skirting, walls, doors, etc.), together with performing the design for recess wardrobes as well as the design and selection of appropriate lighting in the entire apartment.

At the beginning of our cooperation my requirements and stylistic preferences were already rather defined, but I definitely needed professional assistance in fine-tuning the details of the new interior, including the arrangement of bedroom area with bathroom and dressing room together with the choice and selection of materials in order to obtain consistent space. As a result of my cooperation with Nufo Design, we managed to create the interior where me and my family feel like at home and which is at the same time modern, bright and spacious. Thanks to Nufo Design, the available space has been used to its maximum potential without losing its attractiveness. For instance, I would never have thought that in my small bathrooms I could have so much storage space for all kinds of towels, cosmetics, laundry, etc. Two quite mediocre separate interiors were successfully combined in order to create a modern and convenient high-class apartment.

I am definitely satisfied with our cooperation and even if at present I’m not thinking about changing my apartment, as soon as a new project appears in my life, I will ask Nufo Design for help again. I’m looking forward to starting our cooperation connected with the realization of my modern cottage house. Nufo Design – these are people with passion. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with you. Thank you!

Magdalena, Warsaw

HEINEKEN Global Procurement

To whom it may concern:

I would highly recommend working with Ida Dzikowicz of Nufo Design. She understands communications and complex corporate language and has the ability to translate it into strong, clear, easy-to-understand graphics and visuals. Her storytelling ability through powerpoints and graphs helps to cut through all the noise of "standard" powerpoints and brings presentations up to the next level of quality.

She also has a sharp eye for detail which is extremely useful in both written content and visual graphics. Furthermore, her professionalism and flexibility make her enjoyable to work with. I found Ida reliable and straightforward and will definitely hire her again when the opportunity arises.

Andrea Dixon
Owner, Dixon Media
Communications Management Consultant, HEINEKEN Global Procurement

Inteliace Research

In 2012, we requested AVC-Projekt to design our new corporate identity, including new logotypes, company forms, business cards and the website with elements of CMS system.

Our cooperation with AVC-Projekt was very successful. The company's significant strength was to combine systematic project approach with out-of-the-box ideas and creativity. As a result, we received a portfolio of very interesting solutions and could then jointly select those that match the profile and satisfy the needs of our company.

The project was completed on time, in line with our arrangements and according to our high quality expectations. Therefore, we can recommend AVC-Projekt as a proven partner, offering corporate identity solutions and web designs.

Marcin Mazurek
The Owner Inteliace Reference Letter


In 2012, AVC-Projekt conducted a one-day training in MS PowerPoint presentations. The training was offered to our financial department employees who are occasionally requested to prepare presentations (including budget presentations, periodical reports with financial results, investor presentations, conceptual projects, etc.). The training was tailored to pre-diagnosed employee needs and weaknesses in MS PowerPoint.

The employees who received the training were very satisfied because the trainer addressed all the areas where they did not have sufficient skills and, additionally, taught them how to use MS PowerPoint functions in a quick manner; with the training, the employees can much faster prepare the required presentations.

At the end of the course, the participants received a set of materials and a training completion certificate.

Wishing the company more success in the future, I can recommend AVC-Projekt as a competent and reliable trainer in MS PowerPoint.

Bartosz Marczuk
Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s. Kofola Reference Letter


For the last year, AVC-Projekt has been doing advertising materials for our company.
All projects are always of a very high quality and interesting graphic design. Our service requests are always handled with professional care.

We are very happy with AVC-Projekt services and recommend the company as a reliable partner.

Yours sincerely,
Wojciech Serafin
Board Member
Sales Director PLOH Reference Letter


In 2009, AVC-Projekt prepared a PPT presentation with the objective to show our activities and a product development concept to industry's top manufacturer.

Our cooperation with AVC-Projekt was very efficient and we received our product on time. The idea visualization concept, designed by AVC-Projekt, perfectly matched our expectations.

The company, who was presented with the materials, found the presentation very professional. This helped improve the perception of our image and operations.

Grzegorz Lewandowski
Managing Director, G-ADVANCE, MAGICTOWN.PL

Resource Partners

In 2009, AVC-Projekt designed a logo for our fund, with the remaining visual elements to follow, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation, a letter, business cards and a website.

During the projects, Ida B. Dzikowicz and Małgorzata Romanowska showed good understanding of our needs, creativity and diversity of ideas, as well as good technical skills to transfer the ideas to electronic media.

Moreover, we highly appreciate Ida B. Dzikowicz pace of work and flexibility, in particular when designing the website, leading to timely website design and its quick updates.

AVC-Projekt designed corporate identity of our company that meets our expectation and is very well received by our business partners.

Wishing the company more success in the future, I can recommend AVC-Projekt as a creative, reliable and timely partner for various corporate identity projects.

Yours sincerely,
Aleksander Kacprzyk
Managing Partner Resource Partners Reference Letter


This is to inform that AVC-Projekt designed a new website for Polish Botanical Society's Board of Management, based on publically-available materials. Our website has a new design and offers modern access.

Yours sincerely,
prof. dr hab. Jan J. Rybczyński
CEO PTB Reference Letter


Małgosia Romanowska is someone special to me, and only such person could design my home; and it's not about being snobbish or elite, but about feeling that home is a special place – a place where my family and myself feel happy, a place with atmosphere that helps you rest and relax; but home is also about special aura that gives you joy and power to smile to life every day. Home is a place you are happy to come back to, even after the best holidays, a place you want to spend your Christmas or Easter time, but also celebrate each and every ordinary day. Life is short and worth living among people, music, flavors, scents, landscapes, as well as space and interiors that make you feel happy.

It is all that obvious, but also difficult to get, because each of us needs something different to get it. Sometimes we don't even know what our home should be like. Or even worse – we may fear that our family may have a different vision of our home.

Małgosia helped us achieve what seemed impossible. She listened carefully and learnt about our dreams. She was not discouraged by the fact that I dreamt about a house with roof shingles, with natural materials, such as sandstone and larch, combined with the natural environment, while my husband knew he would feel happy in modern, simple premises, all in glass. Małgosia was not surprised, did not criticize, but asked lots of very useful questions. More importantly, she did not try impose her own images on us. Instead, she only advised on the direction we should follow. She found a solution that is a trade-off between my taste and that of my husband's, she created a home where we find ourselves and our expectations of an ideal shape and space to live, where our completely different tastes form a perfect harmony.

I recommend Małgosia Romanowska to those who believe that home is more than just a place to store your clothes, jars with marmalade for winter, a TV set or household equipment, and those who just do not like "ready designs". Designing a house is not necessarily a fight between two different tastes. It can be about creating something that belongs to us. I've heard so much about people divorcing each other while building a house… maybe it's not about different tastes or hot-tempered partners, but about architects without imagination, who'd have us make the unwanted choices rather than listen to us and create together. My home – our home is not a compromise, but our joint work. It certainly wouldn't be that great if it wasn't for our different tastes and the exceptional architect.

Thank you, Małgosia!

Monika, Izabelin


AVC-Projekt designed BOMAG Polska office at Szyszkowa 52 in Warszaw. The project covered 400 m² of premises on two levels, including office space, rest and refreshment space and connecting space.

AVC-Projekt's clients will certainly benefit from company's strengths, such as short project execution time, functional space arrangement, professionalism and promptness.

We can recommend AVC-Projekt design services to all companies focused on professionalism and commitment.

Zbigniew BRINKEN
CEO, BOMAG Polska Sp. z o.o. Bomag Reference Letter


AVC-Projekt conducted a website design project for our company.

The contractor presented a number of interesting graphic web solutions and helped us select the one that matched our company profile the most.

Individual project stages were conducted by AVC-Projekt in a timely banner, the contractor quickly responded to our comments and proposals.

The product we finally received is our company's web business card.

Leszek Wasilewski

Maciej Krochmalski
Deputy CEO i4ventures Reference Letter


AVC-Projekt Architecture & Visual Communication offers unique customer service standards, state-of-the-art IT solutions and efficient work organization system.

Ida Beata Dzikowicz, who represents the company, is a reliable person with high work standards and professional behavior. She tailors her company products to individual customer needs. This is why JRK Kadry Płace Szkolenia has become AVC-Projekt regular customer.

The company has so far provided us with multimedia presentations, letter templates, project visualizations, sales offers.

Professionalism and commitment of AVC-Project employees helped create products that meet all our requirements.

I can truly recommend AVC-Projekt as a reliable visual communication service provider.

Jadwiga Kossakowska
Managing Director
JRK Kadry Płace Szkolenia JRK Reference Letter


AVC-Projekt designed the 2009 calendar as well as business cards for myself and my employees.

The project was performed with due diligence. The design was interesting and professional and graphics of a very high quality.

Thanks to cooperation with AVC-Projekt we are perceived as a professional company. This is the reason I asked AVC-Projekt to design company letterhead and file.

I can recommend AVC-Projekt to anyone, knowing I will not regret it.

Anna Osińska
Polskie Centrum Edukacji PCE Reference Letter


In 2008, Partner Holding Management Sp. z o.o. asked AVC-Projekt to design our website.

AVC-Projekt specialists showed creativity and professional project approach, effectively cooperating with our employees, both at the stage of website concept creation, its key elements design and fine-tuning.

AVC-Projekt delivered a modern and artistically mature product that helps create a positive image of our company.

Leszek J. Wasilewski
CEO PHM Reference Letter


Dear Madam,

On behalf of the Board of Management and employees of Zelmer S.A., we would like to thank you for developing a graphic design for the newly-launched Zelmer's brand called DUO.

This graphic design reflects the nature of the new brand, as it is both simple and modern. We hope that, also with your creativity, it will become a permanent element of the Polish and European household appliances market.

Wishing you more success in the future, we remain, yours sincerely,

Janusz Płocica
Board Member Zelmer Reference Letter