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Nufo Design is the brand and design consultancy: a branding studio — with 25 years of experience in design, communication, visual communication, marketing and digital technology.

They focus on creating and building strong brands and designing effective communication. They help their Clients stand out, increase the value and build a unique, credible, trustworthy, memorable and much-loved brand. They strongly believe that Sensory Branding is today the key to the company's success and greater profits.

As experienced professionals, Nufo Design experts approach each topic individually, with full commitment and a fresh, impartial look, therefore they suggest and implement effective solutions. In the branding process, they combine strategy, design, communication and experience to increase the brand value and the Client's company profits.

Design work begins with thorough and detailed analysis. They care about a deep understanding of the given business, today and the possibilities for tomorrow. That is why they appreciate good communication with their Partners, resulting in a better understanding of needs and visions, as well as exceptional executions.

Nufo Design Clients especially appreciate the strong substantive support and many years of experience of the Team, which they confirm by coming back regularly with new topics, and recommending Nufo Design services.

Nufo Design has completed numerous national and international projects. They cooperated with the largest, prestigious companies, such as: Alvarez & Marsal, McKinsey&Company, HEINEKEN, Kofola, MAKRO Cash & Carry, Polkomtel, Gino Rossi, Simple Creative Products, Metropolitan Capital Solutions, Magictown Group, Rubicon Partners, Resource Partners, Equitin Partners, BOMAG, Mabey Bridge Limited, LUNEOS, Qualia Development, SUN & SNOW, PLOH, Partner Holding Management, Inteliace Research, and the University of Warsaw.

What distinguishes them is their openness, the understanding of Clients' needs, effective communication, coherent vision, attention paid to details, visual clarity of designs, the elegance of form, and functionality. They love challenges, and they transform limitations into opportunities in a reative way. They believe that a good, tailored design strengthens the positive experience of the audience, builds a credible image of the brand and makes it attractive, which results in the brand value and company profits growth.

Nufo Design is for all those who care about their future success, unique image, effective communication and high quality.

The philosophy of Nufo Design can be described in three words — Tailor-made. Elegant. Effective.

Pros of Nufo Design

1 Openness

We listen, analyze, observe, empathize and look for common solutions that bring benefits.

2 Effective Communication

When creating messages, we take into account elements of the psychology of perception, cognitive and social psychology, as well as the NLP language and the Open Communication©.

3 Coherent Vision

Only a consistent image brings results, that is why we always look at the whole, so that the brand is identical, unique and recognizable in individual points.

4 Visual Clarity

We reach the audience best thanks to visual clarity, therefore we pay attention to details to obtain the clarity of the image and the message.

5 the Elegance of Form

We care about the elegant form very much, because it gives prestige to the brand, which means the highest quality and the will to own for the audience, and great benefits for you.

6 Functionality

We tune projects to your needs and expectations, as well as to the brand audience and jointly adopted assumptions, which allows you to achieve the desired results.

Founder of Nufo Design

Ida B. Dzikowicz • Brand Architect, Advisor and Communication Designer

brand arch. Ida B. Dzikowicz
Founder & CEO of Nufo Design

Ida B. Dzikowicz, the qualified Brand Architect, Advisor and Communication Designer, Founder and CEO of Nufo Design. She specializes in creating and building strong brands. Defines tailored strategies, designs unique brand identity systems, creates effective communication and memorable experiences. She strongly believes that Sensory Branding is today the key to increasing the brand value and company profits.

Ida discovered her passion for branding and communication very early — when, for the first time, she designed the logo, business cards and advertising materials for her Dad. From that moment, she was fascinated by building brands, and she was eagerly developing in this direction. She completed Master's studies with a specialization in Marketing and Management, postgraduate studies in the psychology of media communication (Faculty of Psychology, the University of Warsaw) and her dream and adored postgraduate studies in brand building (Faculty of Economics and Management of the Lazarski University, Brand Architect). She also obtained licenses and certificates in the field of communication: NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, and completed numerous training courses and seminars on brand building, brand communication, brand management, and the art of design.

Currently, Ida has over 25 years of experience and she can boast of her cooperation with the largest, prestigious companies, such as: Alvarez & Marsal, McKinsey&Company, HEINEKEN, Kofola, MAKRO Cash & Carry, Polkomtel, Gino Rossi, Simple Creative Products, Metropolitan Capital Solutions, Magictown Group, Rubicon Partners, Resource Partners, Equitin Partners, BOMAG, Mabey Bridge Limited, LUNEOS, Qualia Development, SUN & SNOW, PLOH, Partner Holding Management, Inteliace Research, and the University of Warsaw. As well as Pioneer Investment Poland, Master Foods Poland, Rothmans of Pall Mall (Poland), and Pekao Trading Corporation Poland.

Thanks to her many years of experience in the international environment, Ida represents the top-quality services and a professional approach to the Client. Her passion and skills give you the opportunity to create your own, dream, unique, distinctive, credible, trustworthy, memorable and much-loved brand, and to increase the brand value and company profits.

Privately, Ida loves playing golf, tennis and billiards, as well as sailing, traveling and discovering new corners of the world. She is interested in communication, the psychology of perception, cognitive and social psychology, as well as modern design and art. What she appreciates in life is diligence, reliability, high quality, responsibility, discretion and professionalism.

She speaks Polish and English.

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