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Communication: Communication Strategy, Information Architecture, Print Materials, Presentations and Websites

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Brand Value Growth with Nufo Design, Brand and Design Consultancy

Welcome to our kingdom of creativity — the place where design and communication go hand in hand increasing the brand value and company profits.


We help entrepreneurs Create and Build Brands
from the name and symbol to a multisensory experience:
image, sound, touch, smell, taste, and feel we know that our sensual reactions are the only ones we rely on
when we are making up our minds whether or not to buy a new product or service.

We do: Analysis, Strategy, Design and Communication


  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Market Trends analysis
  • Internal audits
  • Customer Insight understanding
  • Consumer segmentation
  • SWOT analysis

The analysis is the basis for developing a good strategy and a tailored brand design.

Thanks to the analysis, you will find out

  • What the current market situation is
  • What the situation of your brand is
  • How your brand is perceived (for an existing brand)

We start the branding process by understanding nature, purpose and goals. Then we define the brand and build a strategic foundation in line with the overall vision. Next, we develop the brand visual system, names, structures, brand collateral and workspace, and adjust them as necessary.


  • Brand definition
  • Brand positioning
    mission, vision, essence, personality, values, promise, benefits, RTB
  • Brand Portfolio and Architecture
  • Brand visual expression
  • Client Service standards
  • Brand Experience strategy

Strategy is the foundation of building a brand. It is like the foundations of a building under construction.

During the strategy stage, we will decide together

  • Who your brand should be
  • What your brand should offer
  • How your brand should proceed
  • What market position your brand is to occupy

The strategy is crucial in the further stages of work: design, communication, advertising and brand image. Understanding and exposing the essence of the brand ensures its perfect position.


  • Visual Identity Systems
    logotype, mark, color palette, website, business cards, business stationery, templates, vehicle markings, etc.
  • Logo book, CIS (elements) catalogs, Brand book
  • Workspace and Brand environments
  • Visual Information Systems
  • Verbal identity
  • Sonic branding
  • Marketing communication materials
    landing page, roll-ups, pop-ups, signage, billboards, posters, reports, catalogs, presentations, leaflets, magazine ads, etc.
  • Brochures and Packaging
  • User interfaces

Design is like a dress style. Knowing who the brand is supposed to be, how it wants to live and what impression it should make on others, we choose a tailor-made "outfit" for it, an individual style that makes the brand unique and recognizable.

During the design process, we will define

  • How your brand should look like
  • How your brand should present itself
  • What standards your brand should have
  • What message your brand is to communicate
    we will adjust the look and message of the brand to the assumptions made

Elegant designs, based on the brand strategy, communication strategy and insight of the brand audience, have a fundamental impact on the positive perception of the brand and significantly increase the demand for it.


  • Brand Touchpoints definition
  • Target Audience analysis
  • Target Audience Insight understanding
  • Communication strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Key Message (SMM)
  • Brand concept for a Creative Brief
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Design
  • Copywriting
    always to the point and to the subconscious mind of the audience
  • Print materials, Presentations and Websites

Communication is the most important part of life. Thanks to communication, we gain customers, we influence their emotions, feelings and reactions. That is why every detail counts in communication, such as: appearance, content, tone of voice, sound, touch and smell. With good communication, you can achieve success.

Working on communication, we will jointly determine

  • Who your brand is to communicate to
  • What your brand is to communicate
    we will match the brand message to the recipient and goals set
  • Where your brand is to communicate
  • How your brand is to communicate
  • When your brand is to communicate

We build a unique brand image by creating top-class designs for the brand, combining the clarity of form and message. Our contribution keeps the brand in a changing world, sets the brand apart from the competition, and builds long-term brand equity.

Nufo Consulting

25 years of experience in design, brand communication, marketing and digital technology enables us to provide master-class services and cover all branding disciplines.

We scrutinise and analyse the brand identity, brand performance and brand strategy of our Clients’ products and services. Then we offer expert recommendations and information on how our Client can bring their brand to life. These recommendations can cover many areas, ranging from the brand name, visual expression, client service, packaging design and merchandising, to strategy development, copywriting, internal brand engagement, and the use of social media and other digital tools.

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