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Ida B. Dzikowicz, Brand Architect, Brand Identity

Ida B. Dzikowicz, Brand Architect
Brand Identity

Ida B. Dzikowicz is a qualified Brand Architect, brand, design and communication consultant, Visual Communication Designer. She specializes in building winning brands, in developing trustworthy strategies and corporate identity systems, in creating memorable brand experiences, and in designing effective brand communications.

Under the direction of Ida B. Dzikowicz, we developed the brand identity for her, designed personal logo and created professional website.

The purpose of brand visualization was to emphasize the professionalism, competence, knowledge, experience and out of the box thinking she represents, and to combine the visual style into a minimalistic form she advocates.

  • Project Brand Strategy, Visual Expression, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Typography, Photography, Photo Selection, Web Design, Web Development
  • Client Ida B. Dzikowicz, Brand Architect
  • Sector Branding: Strategy, Architecture & Design
  • Location Poland
  • Date 2018
  • Authors Nufo Design
  • Cooperation Małgorzata Romanowska – logo design and photography
  • WWW
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Logo Guidelines